Nofat is one of the heavily advertised slimming capsule sold exclusively in India on the Internet. A beautiful website with good content, lots of before & after pictures, and reasonable pricing makes it look good. Being an Ayurvedic slimming tablet it appeals to the mass as Indian urban citizens are getting fatter.

I was excited to know that its primary ingredient is Garcinia Cambogia. However, deep research brought disappoint to me.


Why Nofat isn’t a good diet pill?

It contains merely 50mg of Garcinia Cambogia. You have to take 1000mg in order to feel strong appetite suppressant.Reducing hunger & eating less is one of safest ways to lose weight. Yes, that’s what even prescription diet pills does! Fat burners artificially inflates your heart beat & can cause severe side effect. [More about Garcinia Cambogia]

The Ingredients


Nofat Ingredients

The ingredients list shows over a dozen content. If you ask Baba Ramdev or any Aurveda Doctor, he’ll say that all these ingredients are good for health. These ingredients are good source of fiber, vitamins, nutrition and anti-oxidants. It can also regulate cholesterol to some extent & reduce triglyceride. It is good for your overall well-being. However its ability in helping lose weight is very questionable.

The official website says

Please Note: While many users of NoFat have experienced significant fat loss, we recommend all customers attempt to reach their fat loss goals through a combination of healthy dieting and exercise in conjunction with this product. This will lead to optimal result and the healthiest possible path to attaining your goals.

Many people forget to read this fineprint carefully and think that the pill will magically shrink their belly fat. Good eating practice and moderate physical activities are vital for successful weight loss.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

You might have seen following pictures on official website or internet advertisement. This lady’s weight loss result is very impressive irrespective of which product she used. We don’t even know her dietary practices and physical activity level.


Shaddy Scam Reviews

There are few scammish reviews on popular consumers opinion website All these users feedback appears to be manufactured and doesn’t sound authentic.


Nofat also has a official Facebook fan page. At the time of writing this article there 2708 likes and moderate activity.  The Facebook page mainly intended for advertaisment and promotion. I could not find any genuine customers engagement.


This facebook page no longer exist


It is not a bad product if you know exactly how to use it. At the end of the day the only thing which matters is number of calories you have consumed. Nofat will work with the combination of low calorie diet & good exercise habit. Mild side effects are expected due to sudden lifestyle changes. Watch the video below for some belly fat reduction exercise.

Where to buy it?

You can buy it from official website only. As of now it only ships within India and available online only.