Metaslim is yet another over hyped TV commercial diet pill marketed in India with plenty of baseless claims. The company cleverly market this product using 15 day money back guarantee, but does not honor it if you are unsatisfied with the product.

Remember, you’ll get only 15 days to try the product; you place the order today and wait 3-4 days for it to arrive. If you are not satisfied with the result you should return it within 15 days from placing the order… in reality you  only get 5-7 days  to try this product

If you haven’t heard of this product watch the TV commercial below.

This video has been presented by well known TV anchor Amar Updhyay and endorsed by Bollywood star Govinda


Read the detailed complaint below.

I had purchased the Ayurvedic product saptarishi metaslim after watching a tv advertisement claiming that it helps in reducing excess fat through a herbal oil massage and an ayurvedic drink mixture there was also a promise of 15 days money back guarantee if I was not satisfied with the product within fifteen days of using the product it didn’t meet up to its claims therefore I wanted to return the product.

Here specifically i want to say i had ordered two batches of the product out of which one I have not yet used , therefore I called up the customer care reporting them my grievances about the product and my wish to get my money back at least on the unused bath of product which I had bought , but when I called them It fell on blind ears they kept on redirecting me to unknown executives who never picked up the call and once on answering the phone they gave me a complaint no. and promised to send an agent who would take back the product but It has been quite some days but nobody has come to take It back moreover I think they are delaying In dispatching someone to take It back so that It crosses the 15 days trial offer period and so that the offer may no longer be valid , moreover when I am calling to the customer care help line they are cutting off my call again and again.  Complaint source

Below is yet another detailed review and complaint

I am painfully distorted due to breach of trust on saptarishi herbal products, sandhi sudha ayurvedic joint pain relief oil and metaslim ayurvedic slimming powder and slimming oil.

I ordered these products on phone after seeing advertisements through superstar govinda himself and amar upadhaya, who were themselves promoting the brand. These actors are respectable citizens and listening to their assurances, I ordered sandhi sudha ayurvedic joint pain relief oil for myself and metaslim for my wife.

We ordered the products on 13th july, 2012, via order no: 451749 and we got them delivered on 15th and 16th july through atharva, who are saptarishi delivery partners for delhi/Ncr. I have the invoices with me.

We started using the products as directed and indicated, but within 2 days, I noticed rashes and eruptions around my knee joint. There was stiffness also, which was painful. My wife, who started with metaslim ayurvedic powder and oil started suffering from loose motions.

Once shown to dermatologist and family physicians, they immediately suggested us to stop using such products. We were shocked and disappointed and called customer care 07316457000 on 22nd july for our grievances. Our pain and distress DID not ended here, as the customer care said that we must have used the product in overdosage and such symptoms are normal, as these are herbal products. We said, how can herbal products bring such rections, sothey assured that we will get call from senior officials. We waited till 24hrs and there was no reply from saptrishi end, so irritated and feeling cheated we called them back on 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th and today on 28th. Each time they tell you that the senior will call you and no need to panic.

Today, we lost all our patience and called the same number and had a word with harish( their customer care), who was again trying to deviate the refund, we stressed him that we are not ready to listen and want our money back. He made us talk to his senior, kavita, who was offensive and rude and told us to send the product back to indore by ourselves and wait.

We called back on the +91 92293 37811, +91 92293 37813 and they broke all our faith and promises by saying that we have to send it back to indore and in case now products does not reach before 30th, they will not entertain it.

Tomorrow is sunday and no courier can even deliver this and still we are not sure, wether they will ever revert back. In conclusion, they are fraud and cheaters and should be taken to court. Sorry to say, but actors like govinda and jackie shroff, should not play with people trust and defame their honor by advertising such products. Its a shame, is there any hearing of our complaints? please guide. Complaint source



Metaslim is absolutely a dodgy product with highly deceptive marketing campaign. Metaslim powder is supposed to enhance your metabolism and oil is used for spot reduction. The truth is that “spot reduction” is scientifically impossible without surgery!