herasiumWhat is SlimGuard?

It is one of the heavily advertised slimming supplement on the internet which you can purchase online only.

According to its manufacturer and official website, it is an anti-obesity medicine made from blend of pure Ayurveda herbs. These herbs which form the ingredients of Slim Guard are extraordinary weight reducers that remove metabolic residues and thereby accelerates metabolic rate in your body.

How it works?

SlimGuard burns the fat deposited along your waistline and hipline and limits the formation of fatty acids in the muscles and liver, giving your body an exotic shape and fitness. Moreover it maintains a balance between Vata-Pitta-Kabha when you lose weight, thus removing any disorders related to obesity and gifting you with a rare fit and seductive look.

Questions and Concerns:

  • Why products ingredients are not disclosed clearly: The website only talks about how it works. But, we don’t know which ingredients they use to come to a conclusion whether it is effective or not?
  • Why so Pricey. It costs Rs 1750 for 10 day package and Rs 2900 for 20 days! Certainly expensive!
  • Spot reduction claim: The advertisement claims that it can melt fat from your waistline and hip. It is scientifically proven that spot reduction is impossible without surgery. When you gain weight you not only increase your waist and hip, but also entire body; similarly if you lose weight your body burns fat from around your body.
  • Exercise irrelevant? Sustained weight loss is not possible without lifestyle change. You will have to change your eating habits and do regular exercise for permanent result.

These are the questions and concerns we have. Although we do don’t put “SCAM” stamp in to it, we have addressed few concerns above which needs to be addressed before we call it a effective weight loss aid.

If you have tried this product, kindly let us know by filling the comments form below. That will help other too.