After Dr Slimming Tea yet another overhyped and overpriced weight loss tea has entered the evergreen slimming market. This time it’s called ancient secrets of Chang Moon Flower Tea from China. Watch the TV commercial below.

The TV advertisement promises 100% weight loss, sexy abs and beautiful butt – what not?

They promise 12 KG of weight loss within 60 days

How does it work?

Telebrands, the promoter of this tea doesn’t say how it works exactly. Read the product description below.

Hand-picked and packed, coming from the exclusive Chinese crops. Chang Moon Flower Tea is a blend of 3 different tea leaves: Jasmine, Amaranth and Green Tea. Carefully selected tea leaves are carefully prepared in a form convenient balls for multiple use. A ball of a mixture of these exceptional teas can be brewed up to 12 times without loss of valuable properties.

It is a tea ball when brewed in hot water (socked) becomes a flower. The color of tea amber-red much like black tea we drink daily. There are some reports mentioning it as a scam and harmful for human consumption.

Moonflower reportedly have serious side effects. But we don’t know whether Moonflower and Chang Moon flower are the same.

Overall, losing 12 Kgs in 2 months  by drinking this tea sounds very suspicious and ridiculous. Also there are not user reviews or feedback available.