I initially created this website in 2012 to help people to buy Phen375 fat burner. After 6 years I’m recommending a another international brand called PhenQ!

That doesn’t mean that Phen375 is no longer recommended. I do still recommend it. PhenQ weight loss pill is a good choice because it aids weight loss in 5 ways, backed by several clinical studies. Moreover, it is comparatively safer for women.

Unlike Phen375, PhenQ is not ‘made in America’. It is ‘made in the UK’, formulated by a French Company. And currently it is one of the best selling slimming pill even in the USA.

How to purchase PhenQ from India?

I’m going to document short tutorial with screenshot below.

Step 1: Visit official website and select correct package. I highly recommend that you chose buy 2 get one 1 free offer. Click here

2+1 free offer cost around $140 or Rs 11,000. So, your monthly cost would be around Rs 3700. This is still better than useless fat burners marketed on sites like Homeshop18, Naptol etc.

The official website gives additional discount upto 20% to random visitors. Just ask for coupon on live chat helper. Sometimes coupons are displayed on the site even before you ask for it!

Buying Phenq from India - step 1

Enter the coupon code and press ‘apply coupon’ button. Then click on “Proceed to Check Out” button

Step 2: Enter you billing address and contact information

Now I’m assuming that you have received a 20% additional discount code. That brings the cost down to $112 or Rs 8900 or Rs 2986 per month. This is the maximum discount you can get. If you are not willing to spend this much of money keep reading till the end of this article.


Buying PhenQ from India - step 2

Make sure that you have used coupon in step 1 and discount is applied to your order. Also fill your contact and billing details

Step-3: You are ready place the order

Double check all the details, especially your email and mobile. Then select the checkbox to indicate that you have read the ‘terms’. If you have patience you can read the long terms and conditions. Otherwise keep your credit card ready and proceed to payment.

Ordering Phen-Q from India - step 3

PhenQ is international website. Hence they don’t accept Indian bank issued debit cards or Netbanking payments

Step -4: Place your order and sit back

Your order will reach to your home within 7-10 days. Even before the pills arrives start your weight loss journey by following a healthy diet nd adopt some physical activities.

Click here to place your order

Some Questions and answers about PhenQ

Q. I don’t have a international credit card.

Ans. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it. Internationally valid credit card is must to buy PhenQ. Keep reading till the end for an Indian alternative

Q. Do I have to pay customs duty?

Ans: Dietary supplements for personal use is generally not taxed by customs. However, Indian customs department is an unreliable Govt body. Sometimes (especially during month end) they levy duty around 8-12% to meet revenue target.

Q. Why should I chose 3 months package?

Ans: Because it effectively reduces your cost. One bottle is expensive and useful for weight loss upto 5 kg only. If you want to lose less than 5kg, you can do it with diet and exercise alone. So why waste money on supplement?

Q. Is there any better alternative in India?

Ans: There are alternatives, but can’t say that they are better than PhenQ. PhenQ is a superior quality international brand.

2 Indian alternatives to PhenQ. Buy it from Amazon using debit card, credit card, net banking or COD.

MuscleBlaze MB Burner Pro: Fat burner (can cause mild side effect) Read review

NutrinLife Garcinia: Weight loss pill (appetite controller, almost zero side effect)

Are you ready to buy PhenQ instead? Click here to place your order

Additional Info

This article has covered only purchasing information. If you want more information then I suggest you to read this phenq review [ext link]. Why so many diet pills start with ‘Phen’ in it? Phen references to Phentermine. Learn about Phentermine over the counter supplements here [ext link]