Did you know that water melon can assist you lose weight? Although this is a common fact to fruits, water melon has several advantages over other fruits. It is sweet and close to 90 percent of it is water. This means eating water melon leaves you feeling full but essentially you have consumed very little calories. When included in a diet plan and making it a serving per day will definitely assist in weight loss.

Some nutritionists describe water melon as a “high volume food”. This is to say that it has huge amounts of air and water but very low calories. It helps minimize your appetite while it leaves you feeling satisfied. It can be used as a replacement for dessert foods especially those who have a “sweet tooth”. By replacing foods high in calories with water melon you lower your caloric intake but maintain your nutritional intake.

Water melon has several other benefits especially to men. Erectile dysfunction can greatly affect a man’s self-esteem and confidence. This sometime also happen to the overweight. Being overweight does affect the sex life of a person. Watermelon contains high amounts of Citrulline. Citrulline is a phyto-nutrient which researchers have proved to relax blood vessels aiding flow of blood to all body parts. It works by boosting nitric acid levels which in turn relaxes the blood vessels the same way as the drugs used to address erectile problems.

Lose Weight and Enhance Your Libido!

Some foods that assist in weight loss have been proved to enhance libido. Decreasing your body weight can be one way of boosting libido. To men, obesity is one cause of low levels of testosterone and erectile dysfunction. Drugs designed to boost libido are readily available in many chemists. This, however, is not a recommended option for low libido since those drugs can have other effects or tamper with the body’s hormone balance. A long term solution lies in your diet plan. There are several foods that can assist you lose weight and at the same time increase libido.

Foods that are rich in isoflavones are a good example. Foods made from soya beans are rich in this compound. These might include soy milk, soy cheese and soy yoghurt. Soy products increase the rate of metabolism thereby assist in weight loss.

Avocadoes contain high amount of folic acid and vitamin B6. They are cheap and readily available in supermarkets. Folic acid assists the body process proteins which increases the available energy. Vitamin B6 is essential in production of male hormones. Avocadoes have low amount of fats which assists in keeping you feeling full.

Another option of boosting libido is bananas. Bananas and pineapples are rich in bromelain which increases libido and fights impotence. Fruits also increase blood circulation in the body. Bananas also form a good part of any diet plan because, the calories are directly absorbed by the blood. Hence, it does not get converted into fat.