Not many products in the weight loss industry can be proud of themselves based on the results of their loyal consumers. With Phen375, the makers of this magnificent fat loss pill are happy to relate the many benefits you get from this US-FDA approved manufacturing facility.

Why go for Expensive American product?

India is known for its Ayurveda and herbal products. But with herbal supplements, the results are almost none or very minimum. Fatty Americans have finally realized that there is no meaning in spending money on useless natural and herbal supplements which rarely works. That’s why Phen375 is such a popular fat burner in the USA.

How Phen375 is different?

First of all, Phentamine375 is a not herbal supplement at all.It is made from powerful pharmacy grade chemical ingredients. Since obese Americans are in love with Phen375 Indians too feel comfortable taking Phen? Probably yes!

  • Once you start taking Phen375, your body will feel a sudden outflow of energy you never felt before!This is the result of a maximized metabolism that your body undergoes and the stored fats in your body is turned into pure energy that you feel inside.
  • The next effect is that your appetite becomes different that usual. If you have been so used to eating every time and every thing you lay your eyes upon, this slimming pill will change all that. No longer will you be enchained by your hunger pangs because control is right back into your hands.
  • This slimming pill is safe and effective that more and more people are turning to it for their weight problems. Using modern technology and scientific research this synthetic product has passed rigorous tests and has been found to be a potent tool for making your body a 24 hour fat burning machine.

Phen375 is not only a diet pill. It also comes with free practical diet menu (vegetarian option available) – also comes with very useful strength training videos for both men and women. That’s what makes Phentamine375 such a popular weight loss aid!

Is it available in India?

Unfortunately, it is not available in any stores at the moment. Also, don’t waste your time searching on Indian shopping sites like ebay, Amazon & Snapdeal etc. However, you can directly buy it from its official website. Click here to visit

Warning: Don’t buy one bottle which helps you to lose only 2-3 kg. One bottle with shipping charge becomes very expensive. Instead of buying one bottle, you can go on a simple diet and exercise for a month and lose weight for free!

How to order it Online?

You can buy it online from India using a VISA, Master or Amex credit card. Sorry, cash on delivery, debit card or online banking offer is not available. If you are ready to buy the best fat burner in the world just follow the instruction below carefully. This is  exactly how I bought it.

Step 1: Go to Phen375 online order page by clicking here or click on the image below. The image link below takes you to 2+1 bottle offer page which I recommend for weight loss upto 10Kg

step1: buying phen375

Step2: Once you have selected correct package, now it is the time to select correct shipping method. Select “Insured S&H” which cost $24.95. Don’t select the first option for $19.95 to save $5. With the 2nd option you get guaranteed delivery and your money is protected.

step2 of your phen 375 order

Important Notes & FAQ:

Please use Insured Shipping & Handling as shipping method. So that you are guaranteed of delivery within promised time frame (7-10 days) The Indian customs officers are some time unreliable. That’s why you should opt for tracking and insurance, so your money is protected incase something goes wrong. (See the image below)

 Will there be any additional charge/duty?

Personally I did not have to pay any customs for my Phen375 order, but Indian Customs department charged duty for a Ipad gift I received from my cousin. As stated earlier, Indian customs department doesn’t follow proper rules. The rules changes depending on custom duty officer’s own mood! He may impose some duty on Monday & decide not to charge on Friday – so your luck plays an important role here too!

How to take Phen375?

Just take 1 tablet after morning breakfast. That’s it. Don’t take more than the suggested dosage. Keep reading this FAQ section for best practice and great result.

How many pills in each bottle?

Each bottle comes with 30 tablets. So it is good 30 days supply. Many other diet pills comes with 60 to 90 tabs. You have to take them 3-4 times per day which is actually an inconvenience for many people. With Phen375 you only take 1 capsule per day!

Are there any side effects?

Phen375 is stimulant fat burner. Hence there are mild side effects. Trust me, zero side effects = zero weight loss! Side effects are the result of other effects; in this case fat loss. Do not take the pill in the evening, as it can cause sleeping problem.

I want to lose more than 10 kg

Then I suggest you to order 4+2 free offer. Take this slimming pill for 3 months and then give 1 month break. When you are not taking the pill, indulge yourself in good exercise routine. Then start taking the pills for another 3 months. You can repeat this process for as many times as you want. Surely, it will cost you more money!

Is this a scam?

Most of the scams are easily detectable. If a site is offering free trial with small shipping charge then it is definitely a scam. Phen 375 is not. They don’t give you free sample. The only options available for you is to order a package. You will not be enrolled into a automatic monthly shipment program which costs exorbitant later! Be aware of free trial scam.

Does it really work?

It worked for me and I’m sure that it will work for you if you want to make it work. I’m not posting my before and after picture due to fear of ID theft. If you want to see it, then email me through contact form here.

Is exercise mandatory?

Diet pills are not magic solution. For best result always combine your supplement with healthy foods and moderate exercise. Personally, I go for 45 minutes of normal walk with my wife (no brisk-walk or jogging) Walking is the only exercise I do almost daily. Apart from that I play with my kids which is a fun activity! [Read this: Does Phen375 reverse obesity]

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Beware of scams in Indian supplements market!

Products like MetaSlim , Dr Tea are considered alternatives to Phen375, but not in reality. Recently I have written a review of Nofat slimming pill. Read the reviews to learn more on them.